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It is important not to delay reporting maintenance or repair requirements. If there is an unnecessary delay, problems can often end up costing more to fix and tenants may end up carrying some or all of the cost.

All reports are time-stamped so agent, landlord and tenant(s) always have access to a detailed chronological record of every issue reported.

Report Maintenance


An emergency is an occurrence which if not dealt with quickly can potentially result in injury, loss of life or major damage to a property. Typical emergency issues include:

In case of a fire, standard advice is to get out, call the fire brigade (999) and stay out.
If the property suffers a major leak from for example a burst pipe, turn the water off. The valve is usually located under the sink and can be closed (turned off) by turning fully clockwise.
Never attempt electrical repairs yourself; these should be dealt with by a qualified electrician
Gas Safety
If you smell gas phone the 24-hour gas emergency service on 0800 002 001 and let us know as soon as possible.
  • DO - Open doors and windows to get rid of the gas
  • DO - Turn off the gas supply at the meter
  • DO - Check gas appliances to see if the gas has been left on unlit or that a pilot is out
  • DO - Phone the 24-hour emergency line on 0800 002 001
  • DO NOT - Turn any electrical switches, including doorbells, on or off
  • DO NOT - Use matches or light naked flames
  • DO NOT - Smoke
  • DO NOT - Leave it to someone else to call the emergency service

Non-Emergency Repairs & Maintenance

To report a maintenance or repair issue, please set-up your online account:

  • Click on the Login tab above
  • Go to Would You Like To Create An Account?
  • We will then send you an email with your account password
  • You can then view the jobs already reported and tell us about any other maintenance or repair issues.