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The Contract / Tenancy Agreement

The contract/tenancy agreement is for yours and the landlord'��s protection. It places legal obligations on both parties.

Step 1
You must read the contract and satisfy yourself before signing that you understand your responsibilities. If anything is unclear, please discuss with us.
Step 2
You should ensure that you have insurance for your own possessions as any loss is not covered by the landlord's buildings and contents insurances.
Step 3
Your contract will be set up for a fixed term initially. We will write to you before the end of the fixed term inviting you to renew.
Step 4
Your rent must be paid on time, usually the first day of every month.
Step 5
If rent is late, fees may be applied in accordance with the contract.
Step 6
You must take care of the property and let us know if anything needs repair.
Step 7
Moving Out
We shall write to you before you move out with information to help ensure the process of moving out and obtaining deposit refund is completed smoothly and without delay.
Step 8
Please note that deposits are never acceptable in lieu of rent.